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@functionoverfashion Lemme tell ya that pro sailing is tough and boring. But to get a taste, start by beer can racing at your local club. A 6-pack will get ya on a boat. Learn how to make the boat go faster. If you stick with it, folks'll ask you to go on the longer races. Offshore weekends and such. These can be done with a family as far as you want. A lot of the lower level pros have regular jobs; they get expenses to sit in wet closes and get bounced around.

Haha, thanks, I'm sure it's not glamorous! I raced dinghies in college, that was a blast, but very limited scope.

I live near a small lake, there's a lightning regatta every week and I've always wanted to get involved. It's just been a matter of time, with a young family. I hope to get into that in the next few years.