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@drvantraveler @ttyymmnn @Smallbear Trying to do away with the GA operator's aircraft in Alaska would be a death knell for many communities. The only option here is for a lower cost replacement.

Same with northern Canada. Small communities in the territories depend on small aircraft, and there are a few upcoming problems because of that.
My friend flies out of Iqaluit, where they get fuel delivered once a year, when the ice is clear enough for a tanker to get into their harbour. Because delivery is only once a year, they can only burn very stable fuels, like Jet A and 100LL.
There is no plan for what could replace 100LL, so if it’s successfully phased out in the states, we’ll just be hoping that we buy enough for it to still be produced...
The other problem they’re having, just generally in the rural/bush flying sector, is that there are no new suitable aircraft being produced. Everyone mostly flies Otters, King Airs, Beavers, and the only jets flown up there are 737-200s with gravel kits.
Again, there’s no plan that I’m aware of for what these will all eventually be replaced with. I’m personally curious to see what Viking Air does now that they have all the De Havilland type certificates, I’m thinking we’ll be seeing various engine options on new built Otters, Twin Otters, Buffalo, Beaver, etc