I do a good job of keeping my small workbench clean, because I can't stand when I leave something on it "to come back to later" then a week/month late when I go back down to work on something else "real quick" I have to spend 20 minutes cleaning up my last project. So I keep it clean unless actively working on it.

Beyond that, my garage plan has looked like this:

do not consider buying a house without a garage buy house without garage because LOOK AT THE VIEW also post & beam construction plan to build garage soon massive recession (ca. 2009) recover from that. garage time! have kids build shed because I gotta put kids bikes and all skis and firewood somewhere other than basement garage time! and all the stuff that would clutter it up is now in its own space! Finally ready! buy land adjacent to our property for cash because land financing is awful. deplete garage fund prices for everything skyrocket along with interest rates kids are going to be in college before we can afford it RIP my garage dreams until retirement probably, LOL